In the wake of the soul

“The pursuit of a fragrance can only follow the path of obsession.”

French writer Colette could not have written this differently had she stepped into l’Antichambre. Each soul that enters here is revealed. A few moments spent in this oasis preserves the passion of the present and takes you to the heart of your true nature.
Time slows down… Your sense of smell awakens. On this emotional path, your most treasured memories mix with the sight of precious vials and the sound of the fragrance names that surround and summon you.


Evoking emotions

Beginning with a collection of stem perfumes (the bases), we compose the fragrance that prompts your olfactory memory and brings to light your sensitivity.

Whether a man or a woman, you respond to subtle sensorial stimulations.
The dosage is precise so that your fragrance resembles only you, marrying every part of your being. Your fragrance is unrivalled, translating the infinite nuances of your personality. It is and will remain unique. The formula is kept secret- its name is a personal creation, and its olfactory signature is yours.

Des parfums