Luxury is most often associated with exclusivity, but to us, quality is also an essential and inseparable factor.

Anne-Pascale chooses the best raw materials. With the help of several professional “noses” from a renowned perfume company, Anne-Pascale selects a series of bases that can be worn alone or accompanied, as it suits one’s mood and imagination.

What makes all the difference is that L’Antichambre proposes to create a perfume in real time.

Since a perfume is displayed, the emphasis is also placed on a bottle that perfectly reflects L’Antichambre’s soul. A lovely vial, a personalized label, a beautiful box… for an exceptional essence.

And be assured that here, your secret formula is kept safe! L’Antichambre also offers its soliflores (the “bases”) on their own as well as the “exclusives,” fragrances composed in Grasse according to the creator’s desires.

They exist in the form of eau de parfum and parfum. Amongst these fragrances, certain anti-allergic perfumes have been developed.