Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions

The Company: L’Antichambre SPRL, 13 Place George Brugmann, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium, who makes an offer, takes an order or contracts with a buyer.

Buyer: The other Party with whom the Company enters into contract to supply products or services based on the offer or order.

Contract: Detailed description of products and activity concluded between the Buyer and the Company.

Products and services: Products and services as described in the Contract.


  1. The general conditions presented are applicable to all offers/orders and contracts concluded between the Company and the Buyer. The waiver of these conditions is only possible through written consent by both the Buyer and the Company.


  1. All offers made by the Company are made without obligation to be concluded by the Buyer. All L’Antichambre products are quoted in euros, excluding shipping and insurance. Aside from shipping costs, L’Antichambre’s product prices may vary depending on the Buyer’s residence and/or shipping address requested by the Buyer. All given prices exclude sales taxes and shipping and handling fees and are only valid for the specified quantity. An offer remains valid for 30 days following the offer date.


  1. The contract is effective once the Company has accepted/confirmed in writing the Buyer’s order.


  1. Price: Supply and pricing of existing products may be changed at any time without prior notice by the Company. The Company is authorized to increase the agreed price in the event of an increase in the cost of raw and other materials, semi-manufactured products, services and salaries necessary for the execution of the contract. The prices of orders in writing and paid products may not be changed.
  2. Shipping/ delivery time/ transportation costs. L’Antichambre will make every effort to complete the order correctly. Delivery times and order confirmations mentioned in the offers are indicative. The Company is not responsible for eventual delays and the Buyer may not claim indemnities for such delays. Deliveries are always sent to the “address” unless otherwise agreed upon. The delivery time begins as soon as both the Buyer and the Company have confirmed the delivery address.


  1. L’Antichambre reserves the right to apply different payment conditions based on the solvency of the Buyer and the geographical zone in which the Buyer resides:


  • Either: l’ Antichambre may ask for the full payment of an order at the time the order is confirmed based on the solvency of the buyer and/or all orders placed outside of Belgium. Merchandise will only be shipped after receiving the full payment. L’Antichambre cannot be held responsible for delivery delays resulting from the non-payment of the entirety of the order.


  • Or: All invoices must be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. After the lapse of these 30 days, the Buyer is obliged to pay the conventional interest on the unpaid amount of 8,5% annually without further notice, up until the full payment of the invoice. The Buyer is also responsible for all legal costs and extrajudicial costs encountered by the Company as a result of non-payment.


  1. Reserve of ownership . L’Antichambre remains the owner of the products until the moment that they are paid for in full. It is forbidden for the Buyer to sell, rent, pledge or loan products delivered to third parties. As long as the Buyer has failed to respect his/her obligation of payment (including late payment), L’Antichambre, as the owner, is entitled to recover delivered products without notice or judicial intervention. The Buyer gives the Company the right to enter the property where the products are located to recover them. In the event that the Company recovers the products, the Buyer is liable to pay indemnities for the effort and recovery costs of the products, which are globally fixed at the rate of 15% of the invoice.


  1. Product inspection obligations, claims. The Buyer is obliged to inspect the products and verify that they meet the requirements agreed upon. Failing that, the Buyer will immediately inform L’Antichambre in writing. Pictures will accompany this information if the defects are visible. Claims are accepted up until 7 days after reception of the products. All claims thereafter will not be accepted.


  1. The return of delivered products must meet the following conditions:


  • This applies to standard stock products,
  • The Buyer has made a written request to the Company of the products to take these back within 7 days of reception and the Company has accepted in writing.
  • The product packaging must be the original and be as complete as possible. It should not be damaged.

Custom-made products requested by the Buyer may not be returned.

If products are damaged in shipping, our guarantee is limited to the replacement of the product. Other resulting costs or indemnities are not refunded. L’Antichambre may not be held responsible for any misuse of the products.


  1. he Buyer may cancel an order/contract within 15 days of the purchase order/contract as long as the Buyer pays the costs resulting from this cancellation. This is conventionally fixed at 35% of the invoice.


  1. Intellectual property.

All “L’Antichambre” products comprised of – products (perfume formulas), logos, and photos- are the property of the Company in accordance with the trademark registration.

All partial or complete reproduction of this product- formula, logo and pictures- regardless of the medium used, whether for commercial, associative or volunteer means are forbidden without the consent of the trademark holder whose rights are exclusive.


  1. Losses and damages. The Company’s liability in terms of damages is limited to damages resulting from serious omission or voluntary intent by the Company. The Company is not responsible for damage incurred resulting from a derogation of delivered products/services or resulting in products that are noncompliant with foreign legal dispositions, or resulting in the misuse of the products (usage other than that for which it is destined). In the event that the Company is responsible, loss and damages will not exceed the amount of the invoice with a maximum limit of 2500€.


  1. Force majeur

L’Antichambre will make every effort to fulfill its obligations but will not be held responsible for delays or the absence of delivery arising from unforeseeable circumstances independent of its will such as strikes, wars, natural disasters or other events that prevent the production, transportation or delivery of the products.

In the event of delays, l’Antichambre will fulfill its obligations as quickly as possible and reserves the right to allocate the existing products in stock among its clients in the fairest manner.



  1. Applicable Law

L’Antichambre will do its best to remedy any dispute amicably. If you are not satisfied with the settlement of the dispute and wish to appeal to the relevant courts, the following rules will apply.

Belgian law governs the contract. Each party gives exclusive jurisdiction for arbitration of all disputes to the courts of Brussels (Belgium).