The Bases


Earthy, floral, woody

Notes de têtelemon, mandarin
Notes de coeurNéroli
Notes de fondPatchouli
  • Origin
  • Extraction
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  • Virtues
  • Neroli is produced in countries where orange blossom trees grow such as France, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Paraguay.

  • The essence of neroli is an essential oil produced from the orange blossom. The flowers are picked, generally by hand, from mid- April to beginning of May. The essence is produced through steaming since the flower is too fragile to cope with distillation. Distillation water (or hydrosol) in which is solubilized a tiny part of the essential oil, is called orange blossom water.

  • Neroli is a refreshing aroma and is recognizable for its spicy, sweet and flowered notes.

  • Neroli is renown for its appeasing effects on the nervous system.