The Bases


Tobacco, fruity, rosy

Notes de têteapple
Notes de coeurtobacco
Notes de fondpatchouli
  • Origin
  • Extraction
  • Usage
  • Virtues
  • Originally from Central America, it is the large leaves that are cured for fragrances. They are mostly made in France but limited in their use due to nicotine.

  • Volatile solvents are used to extract the “absolutes” of a variety of tobaccos. They are often artificially bleached. This annual furry and sticky plant has a straight stem that produces blooms (inflorescences) with pointy and oval leaves that measure about 50cm long.

  • The “absolute” or colorless resin are only used to a very small extent, except in trace amounts in certain chypre, fern or oriental perfumes.

  • Tobacco leaves contain a toxic alkaloid: nicotine.