The Bases


Earthy, floral, woody

Notes de têtebergamot
Notes de coeurjasmine
Notes de fondcedar, musk
  • Origin
  • Extraction
  • Usage
  • Virtues
  • Originally from Calabria, bergamot is picked in Italy (Sicily & Calabria), in the Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Brazil.

  • The essence of the fruit is cold-pressed by scratching the skin in order to extract the oil from the vesicles.

  • Gives a marked soft freshness to all types of perfumed products and particularly highlights earthy notes. Found in colognes, fresh water sprays, chypre (Cyprus) and amber fragrances.

  • It is used without bergapten to avoid any photosensitivity problems. Its scent increases mental strength, concentration, and helps with large physical efforts. It is used to reduce stress and tension. Stimulant, antiseptic, anti-depressant.