The Bases


Notes de têtecoriander, cumin, stabilized mint
Notes de coeursandalwood, copahu, cashmere wood
Notes de fondMyrrh, vanilla, benzoin
  • Origin
  • Extraction
  • Usage
  • Virtues
  • Cultivated in India and Indonesia. Sandalwood that is cultivated in the Mysore region is the most appreciated by “connoisseurs.” It takes 3à years for this big tree full of small pink-purple blossoms to reach the age where it may be cut and distilled. It is therefore, a precious and expensive essential oil, with sacred characteristics in several countries. It is used to embalm day and night temples and sacred praying areas to honor gods and ancestors.

  • The essential oil is obtained through the distillation of the roots and heart of the sandalwood, reduced to a power and dried.

  • Especially used in warm and oriental perfumes.

  • Chinese medicine uses the essential oil of sandalwood to treat stomachaches and skin problems. It is considered to have a positive effect on longevity and in the combat against diseases. Its odor acts on the profound self, acquirement of will, ambition and pride.