The Bases


Notes de têtetuberose, clove
Notes de coeurorange tree, jasmine
Notes de fondsandalwood
  • Origin
  • Extraction
  • Usage
  • Virtues
  • Tuberose is originally from India and Mexico and was imported in Europe in the 1500s. It’s an herbaceous bulb plant with long floral stems that have clusters of very fragrant white flowers. Today, it is mostly grown in India, although also in Egypt and France.

  • The natural essence was formerly obtained by “enfleurage” (the flowers laid on odorless greased plates that on which their perfume was impregnated. A solvent such as ethanol was then used to obtain an “absolute” essence.) Today, this method is no longer used. The fragrance is directly extracted through the use of volatile solvents.

  • Brings a heady note to fragrances. Rather fresh at first, it evolves towards milky and warm notes.

  • Tuberose develops intuition and helps with resolving difficulties.